Sunday, March 13, 2011

Look Out, American Idol!

See this guy? Well, in case you didn't know, he basically rocked the house, so to speak, at church today singing a special musical number. Although he acts humble, Aaron is very talented and has an amazing voice. Every time I hear Aaron sing it brings me back to the very first time I heard Aaron perform.....they year was 2002, the location was the BYU-H Talent Show, and Aaron and his acapella quartet won the competition. Listening to that tall, handsome guy singing harmony in the school talent show--the girls in the audience screaming everytime Aaron hit the deep base notes (for real!)--I was smitten. Listening to Aaron today, singing a song that had deep personal meaning for me, I felt such pride to have married that boy from the talent show who has grown into a strong, faithful, hardworking, honest man, husband, and father.

I love you, honey.


Anonymous said...

I love that song. Aaron did an amazing job! The entire room went silent. It was powerful.

austin and cherisse said...

Nice work Aaron!

Jennette said...

He did such an amazing job! I had to start blocking it out so I wouldn't start crying while I was playing!