Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Hanky-Boy!

Because we were still at the hospital on June 5th, Hank's birthday celebration was a little more low-key than usual, but we still made sure that Hank had a very special day. Hank's Nana Grover made him a special birthday boy hat that he proudly sported all day long.
Hank, Max, Aaron and I met Hank's best buddies, Ethan and Harper, at Chuck E. Cheese's for some fun and games. Honestly, Aaron and I found Chuck E. Cheese's to be a little bit of a rip off, but the kids seemed to have a blast. Hank loved playing all the games, and Max just thought it was fun to feed the machines with tokens.

After pizza, the kiddies ate some yummy cupcakes (decorated with squirt guns picked especially by Hank) that Hank helped to make.

Even the Birthday Boy needs his sleep, so after naptime, both of Hank's Nana's and Papa's joined us at the treehouse (the Ronald McDonald type place that we stayed) for a family dinner and party.

As usual, Hank was spoiled rotten and got lots of presents...firetrucks, games, train sets, and an outdoor sand/water table.

Given the circumstances, Aaron and I weren't able to spend much time with Hank, so we decided to take him out on a special birthday date, just Hank, Mom, and Dad. We went to Toys 'R Us and Hank got to pick out a brand new "Cars" bike! Like a pro, he hopped on the bike and rode a few laps around the store. All in all, I think Hank had a great birthday.

I love Hank to peices. It breaks my heart to think that my little baby Hanky boy is already 4 years old! Hank is such a bright, sweet, fun to be around little boy. I'm so glad that Hanky came to our family 4 years ago:)

All About Hank:

How old are you? 4

What do you want for your birthday? Firetrucks

What is your favorite color? red, and blue, and green

What is your favorite thing to eat? treats

What do you want to be when you grow up? a fireman, and a garbage man, and a ticket man, and a police man

Who are your best friends? Ethan, and Harper, and Cameron

What is your favorite thing to do? color

What is your favorite song? Follow the Prophet

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