Friday, December 26, 2008

a Merry little Christmas

In part due to the current political/economic condition, I felt the need this year to move away from the hallow, consumer-driven, frenzied gift giving Christmas experience, to a Christmas experience that focused more on the true meaning and purpose for the season, Christ and his gift to us of eternal families. This year I tried to center Christmas around what matters most to me, my family. We certainly didn't skimp on toys and presents for Hank and Max, but I tried to handmake the majority of my gifts to our family members. I don't know what, if anything, Hank will remember from this Christmas, but I hope he remembers the time we spent together and the experience that we shared instead of the gifts that we exchanged.

How did I get so lucky?

Hank and Max enjoyed the attention from their uncle Adam and aunt Brittany.

Obviously Max wasn't aware of the presents being opened on his behalf, but he enjoyed being snuggled by his Grandma.

Elmo pajamas! I can't stand how cute Hank looked in his new pajamas from his Nana Grover.

We begin every Christmas at my parent's house, where we spend Christmas Eve together. The night begins with a delicious spread of appetizers and treats, then we have a short scriptural program, and then the present opening begins!

Hank loved his new bike from Nana and Papa Z.

Early, early Christmas Day we travel from my parent's house back to spend Christmas morning with Aaron's family. This year, the usual 2 hour drive took a grueling 4 hours of white-knuckled driving due to the icey road conditions. Once we arrived, Hank got to enjoy round 2 of present-opening!

There is a good reason why we open presents on Christmas Eve in my family.

Of all the presents he received, Hank says that his favorite is his vaccum! Crazy kid!


April said...

Oh no! 4 hours??? You guys are troopers! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday with the fam. And I LOVE that Hank's favorite gift is the vacuum--what a guy! :-)

Lauralee said...

too cute that he loves the vacuum.. I do too!

The Sorensen's said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Austin got a vacuum as well...I think we are molding our boys to be very domestic, which in turn will make great husbands one day! Your boys are so cute!