Monday, November 26, 2007


Words Hank says:

Dada - his favorite
Hi Dad
Grandma thinks that he says 'Grandma'
I've heard him articulate 'Grandpa' perfectly, but only once
Ya ('Da')
Water ('wa-wa')
Ball ('ba')
woof-woof ('fffff')
baabaa - what does a sheep say?
moo - what does a cow say?
Love you ('yav yu')
Bottle - ('baba')
Got you - ('Da-chu')
Burp - ('bup')
Poop - (pup)
Hot - ('dot')
That - ('dat')
More ('ma')
Flower (aw-a)
Soap (ope)

Hank also waves, shakes his head "no", does the sign for 'all gone', 'milk', and 'more'. Hank is not the most verbal of babies, but he doesn't let his small vocabulary stop him from making his wants and wishes known. Hank points, pushes and pulls you in the direction of the object of his desire, and grunts until he gets what he wants. In addition to real words, Hank has developed his own language consisting of guteral grunts and inward noises. Sometimes Hank will sit in his carseat and carry on a beat of "doom-doom-da, doom-doom-da" for thirty minutes at a time!

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