Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Grover Gang

We spent the last six days enjoying a vacation/reunion in northwest Arkansas. We got to visit Aaron's older brother, Dan, and his wife, Linsey, and Aaron's younger brother, Andy, and his wife Britney, and our neices and nephews, Adelin, Seth, Luke, and Baylee. Aaron got to celebrate his big 30th birthday golfing with his brothers and eating at the Market restaurant. We toured Dan and Andy's new homes, got to help install Dan's garage shelving, barbequed, and explored Arkansas. It was nice to be able to visit family but the trip was really exhausting. Hank came down with a fever right before we left on vacation and soon after arriving developed a rash. He was acting miserable so we took him to the urgent care clinic. The doctor gave us amoxicillin for his red ears and called it an earache but after some research, Aaron and I think Hank had roseola. His fever, combined with being in a foreign place, getting off schedule, and meeting lots of strangers made the trip a big challenge for Hank and for us. We were sad that Aaron's family didn't get to see the sweet Hanky that we know and love.

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