Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Benny Be Big"

A sight I wasn't sure I would ever see: my little Benny boy standing independently!

When I tell Benny to "be big," he will get into a bear walk position, walking his hands back until he is nearly touching his toes, and then pushing off the floor, stand upright. He hovers in a little defensive stance for a moment or two, falls back to the floor, and then repeats it all over again--laughing and hamming it up for attention.
As much as I celebrate this milestone, I cannot wait for the day (hopefully very soon!) that Benny decides to take off and start walking. My heart just bursts with pride for this little boy!

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Lauralee said...

I wish I had your email to respond... so no, I didn't think the language was horrible... but they did swear in German, and when they translated it for us at the beginning I just kinda blocked it. It was more their "term of endearment" so worth the read-

Your little Ben is too cute! He just looks so pleased with himself to be standing! I am so glad for him- and you!

Hope all is well! Miss seeing you!