Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Second Annual "Look How Far We've Come Day!"

I choose to think of this date, the anniversary of the day that changed my whole entire self forever, as "Look How Far We've Come Day!" In actuality, it was a very ordinary day. A day like every other. But between the routine, the everyday chores, the daily grind....were miracles. You might miss them if you weren't looking closely. But these seemingly everyday happenings, these regular goings-on...to me...are a series of beautiful, little miracles.


You amaze and delight me every single day. You fill my heart with a degree of joy that many people will never know. Because of you, I believe in miracles. Always remember, you have an infinite potential--all things are possible! Happy "Look How Far You've Come Day!"

I love you,


mom and pops grover said...

Blow Ben-z a big kiss from Nana! I'm so proud of him.You've worked so hard to help him achieve each one of his little miracles. They're starting to really add up and it's been so fun to watch one as it happens. Keep up the hard work Ben-z boy! Nana and Papa love you bunches!

Megan and Keli'i said...

Love him. He's the cutest boy.