Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hank is 5!

Wow! Hank is 5! Five means that Hank is old enough to go to kindergarten in the fall, old enough to buckle his own seat belt, old enough to dress himself and brush his own teeth, old enough to count to 200 (and count to 10 in spanish), old enough to know his address and phone number, old enough to ride a scooter, old enough to pee standing up (we held off teaching him this for purposes of cleanliness), old enough to skip taking a nap, old enough to offers his own prayers without being told, old enough to stay up until 8:30 on a good night, old enough to climb the monkey bars, old enough to write my grocery list for me, old enough to return the cart at the grocery store, but.....never, ever, too old to be my sweet Hanky boy. Our family was blessed five years ago when Hank was born--Hank, you are one in a million! Happy Birthday, Hanky boy!  

Hank's special day started with a breakfast of his favorite: pancakes with chocolate chips, served on the special-day-plate.

Hank had quite an impressive cheering section for his soccer game: Mom, Dad, Max, Ben, Nana and Papa Z, Uncle Adam, and Nana Grover all came to cheer on the Birthday Boy.

Hank made fast friends with his Uncle Adam, sitting on his lap, inviting him to sit in the back seat of the car with him, holding his hand, pillow-fighting, and lots of playing with toys.

The Birthday Party started with some bowling with a few of Hank's friends. Although at times the bowling seemed to be in slow motion (picture very little boys trying to heave a very heavy ball down a very long bowling lane....not exactly fast-paced action), the boys all had a good time bouncing their ball down the bumpered bowling lane.
My favorite little bowling ball.

The party finished off at our house with presents and treats.
As usual, Hank was very spoiled and received many fun gifts: transformers (we're still trying to figure out how to put them together), a tow truck and police car, nerf sets, and a slip and slide.

At his request, I made Hank a giant cookie instead of a cake. Non-traditional maybe, but boy was it tasty!

The party ended with Aaron treating Hank and his friends to a special surprise.

The remainder of Hank's birthday was spent enjoying the beautiful sunshine in the backyard. The boys tested out their new slip and slide while we barbequed and visited.

It will be hard to top this birthday: lots of love from both Nanas and Papas, a fun activity-filled day complete with special surprises, plenty of sunshine and outdoors, loads of presents, and all kinds of birthday treats. Hank, you are a special boy and I hope you felt very loved on your special day.

Q & A with Hank
  • What are you most looking forward to about being 5? "I'm looking forward to getting a big, red crane."
  • Tell me about your family. "I love everybody. Mom, Dad, Hank, Max, and Ben."
  • What do you like to do? "I like to play with my toys, go outside when its summer and play with my summer toys, play in the sandbox."
  • Who is your best friend? "Everybody I know."
  • What is your favorite thing to eat? "French bread with nothing on it, pasta with parmesan cheese, and pancakes with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips."
  • What is your favorite color? "Red, blue, orange, green, yellow, black, and purple."
  • What would you like to be when you grow up? "A garbage man, then a fireman, then a tow-truck driver, then a policeman, then a missionary, then I'll just be a dad."
  • What is the best thing about you? "I am kind of kind, I be nice to brother sometimes, and obey."
  • Is there anything that you are afraid of? "monsters."
  • What is your favorite toy? "Don't have it yet but next time when I turn 6 I'll tell you what my favorite toy is when you ask me."
  • What is your favorite movie? "Return to Neverland."
  • What is your favorite song? "Follow the Prophet and Mary, Mary"
  • What is your favorite Book of Mormon story? "When Nephi whacks the bad guys head off with a sword."


Mindy said...

Wow! 5! Can you believe that Court? I love the Q&A and I love Hank's chocolate face in the group picture near the end. And Max looks like he's getting tall!

Jason & Amber said...

I love his answers! I look forward to recording thsoe cute little sayings when Oliver gets old enough! Cute!

Lauralee said...

I love those q&a you do with your kiddos! such a fun thing to read and will be fun to look back on too!