Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look Out!

This little boy melts. my. heart.

A few of Ben's latest accomplishments:

- Ben loves to blow wet, juicy raspberries
- With a major song and dance routine, Ben is finally accepting some baby food
- Ben says, "Ma-ma" - Thats right, he knows whats up
- Ben is loving his glasses and seems to focus much better while wearing them
- Ben can transition from his back to sitting position by curling straight up--all of Ben's PT has built abs of steel under all that baby chub!

To steal a line from Hank, "I love your stinking guts," Ben! Keep up the good work, baby:)


Mindy said...

Too Cute!! Go Ben. That is awesome.

Lauralee said...

so cute! love the glasses!

Poe said...

Way to go Ben! Is it weird that I just want to take a nap on that boys tummy. He's so squishy I love it!

kathy said...

Ben radiates JOY!